ALSI is a high-tech system integrator that brings every
project to a favorable outcome.

Our mission is to create integrated innovative solutions that increase efficiency and create new opportunities for customers.

The main and daily task of the ALSI team is the well-balanced implementation of up-to-date information technologies, providing customers with uninterrupted operation using optimal software, telecommunications, and engineering solutions.

The present-day world involves a rapid change in trends, especially in the IT field where changes occur at lightning speed. It is very important to adapt to their continuity. At ALSI, this process is expressed in the continuous development of competencies and the growth of expertise that have made the company competitive for more than 30 years.

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The main activities of ALSI include:
  • Sale of computer, office, telecommunications, audio and video, radio communications and household appliances;
  • Delivery to any point in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries of computer and telecommunications equipment from leading world manufacturers;
  • Development and implementation of software;
  • System Integration;
  • Construction of permanent-set and modular engineering and information Data Processing Centers;
  • Implementation of complex system solutions (UNIX systems, structured cabling systems, GPSAVL navigation systems);
  • Information Security.
ALSI is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001:2009 ST RK, the
environmental management system ST RK ISO 14001-2006, and the information security system
ISO/IEC 27001


  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • ENPF;
  • Security Service of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Kazakhmys Corporation;
  • Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan;
  • Subaru Motor Astana LLP
  • Sberbank;
  • Forte Bank;
  • Kaspi Bank;
  • Freedom Finance Global PLC Public company
  • Bank VTB Kazakhstan;
  • Home Credit Bank;
  • First Heartland Jýsan Bank;
  • Arcelor Mittal Temirtau;
  • JTI Kazakhstan Tobacco company;
  • Tengizchevroil;
  • Air Astana
  • Haileybury Almaty NJSC
  • Beeline;
  • Kcell;
  • British American Tobacco;
  • Astana Motors;
  • Turgai Petroleum;
  • KEGOC;
  • KazTransOil JSC;
  • Karachaganak Petroleum Operating;
  • Kazakh-Chinese Pipeline;
  • Magnum Cash&Carry.
For more than 30 years of joint cooperation, many companies have become for us
more than just customers, but our friends and partners.
That is why a sense of responsibility for the quality of the product, a sincere interest in achieving an excellent result and the desire to be useful are equivalent to obligations and guarantees prescribed in legal contracts


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Our main objective is to provide the required level of performance, scalability, load adaptability and fault tolerance of any infrastructure - from a private user to global projects.
Digital Transformation
It is implemented by the transformation of traditional business processes through the introduction of modern information communication technologies. The ultimate goal of the transformation is to increase competitiveness through process improvements, cost reduction and a personalized approach to customers
Computing Systems
The company’s computing systems are the basic environment for an IT enterprise. It is a complex of hardware and software tools, united by a network, for solving specific business problems.
Data center and storage systems, engineering systems, cloud, and cloud services
Data centers, and cloud computing in the broad sense of the term has been one of the strongest trends in recent years. According to analyst companies, it will completely reformat current IT, and the result of this transformation will be the migration of almost all systems to the clouds, excluding critical ones.
ACS and Information Security
Information and physical security is just the case when the end justifies the means. Ignoring realities is very costly for companies, and the slogan “Trust the professionals” is more appropriate here than ever. ALSI has extensive consulting experience, large-scale experience in implementing software and hardware solutions, as well as dozens of successful cases in information security
Software Environment
ALSI is one of the largest software providers in Kazakhstan with over 30 years of history. The companyoffers a wide range of licensed software - from the most popular operating systems, office suites and anti-virus products to highly specialized customized software.
Unified Communications
Unified Communications is what makes internal and external communications virtually seamless, delivering never-before-seen efficiency. ALSI has extensive expertise accumulated in dozens of projects in business and the public sector.
Network is the basic element of a corporate IT. Without a reliable network, it is hardly possible to expecthigh-quality IT. It is like a foundation that must ensure the stability of the entire structure. But, unlike atraditional foundation, the network must have the flexibility, scalability, and other attributes that arecharacteristic of today’s fast-growing IT landscape.


The IT equipment market is one of the world’s most dynamic markets and the most successful companies are the ones that are willing to transform. The history of ALSI is a continuous improvement of the business model. However, some things remain unchanged. We always assure the quality of the equipment offered to our customers.
  • laptops
  • ultrabooks
  • tablets
  • desktop PCs
  • graphic stations
  • monoblocks
Printing Devices
  • plotters
  • wide format printers
  • office printers
  • MFP printers
  • cartridges
Equipment & Peripherals
  • scanners
  • UPS, stabilizers
  • projectors
  • monitors
  • digital photo/video cameras
  • copying equipment
Server Equipment
  • servers
  • data centers
  • storage systems
Network Hardware
  • network devices
  • IP telephony
  • wireless LAN
  • amplifiers, converters, and adapters


The company offers a wide range of licensed software - from the most popular operating systems, office programs and anti-virus products to highly specialized custom software.
ALSI provides implementation services for purchased licensed software. In particular, the SaaS software scheme is in great demand. Software-as-a-Service. Allows one to significantly optimize the company’s costs for the acquisition, installation, updating and support of software. ALSI offers SaaS migration services, consulting and advisory support.
Best in Software:
  • Antivirus programs;
  • Graphic tools;
  • Office programs;
  • Database;
  • Server programs;
  • Business analytics;
  • Integration and Optimization of processes;
  • Corporate content management
  • Commerce and retail sales;
  • Cloud solutions;
  • Information management solutions.


ALSI is the largest system integrator in Kazakhstan. Our partners are the world’s leading manufacturersin the field of IT and telecommunications equipment. The concentration of efforts on a profound understanding of the specifics of our customers’ business, and the most effective solution to their problems has allowed us to implement hundreds of successful projects throughout the country.
The ALSI team includes more than 100 certified specialists in structured cabling, telephony, network equipment and specialized software. The level of expertise of our specialists is annually confirmed by official partner statuses.
Experience in implementing projects in various industries, an impressive portfolio of ready-made solutions and confidence in our capabilities allow us to guarantee our customers high quality implementation of projects of any complexity.

An integrated information security system will minimize the possibility of unwanted events that damage the IT infrastructure, while a systematic approach to security issues allows one to optimize the resources and costs of the company related to its support.

The entire range of solutions for network security, endpoint protection, corporate mail and web resources, database protection, solutions for optimizing and managing access to company files and data, solutions for auditing and controlling changes in information systems allow our clients to receive a full package of tools to build a comprehensive protection of their IT infrastructure. The solutions for monitoring the performance of applications and IT infrastructure as a whole allow one to control and maintain them at the highest level

Power supply
Cable routes
IP telephony
Wireless solutions
Virtualization Solutions
Control systems
Storage systems
Information Security
Network infrastructure
Data processing systems


KazMunayGas LLP - Kumkol
This print outsourcing project is notable for the fact that it is saturated with voluminous extra-urgent requests from the customer for the supply of HP and Xerox consumables - about 2500 items. Also, our company has attracted its own engineering staff from all over Kazakhstan for the repair and maintenance of printing equipment. Business processes and a program for working out incidents are individually adjusted for the customer.
Carlsberg Kazakhstan LLP
Specialists of the largest Kazakhstani IT integrator conducted an audit of the state of the network architecture in the beer bottling and production shop of Carlsberg Kazakhstan LLP. Models and types of used network devices and their configurations were also analyzed. A team of ALSI engineers and customer technicians created an additional virtual local area network VLAN 4 (Virtual Local Area Network) with subsequent transfer of IP subnets and made appropriate settings in the switches to restore the correct functioning of the data transmission network.
Kazpost JSC
In 2017, a project was successfully implemented at Kazpost JSC to equip the sorting center with an automated sorting system SORTER TRUES0RT (USA) for priority processing of the entire volume of incoming international and domestic mail.
National Information Technologies JSC
In 2017, HPE equipment was delivered as part of the G-Cloud project - delivery and installation of HPE Zrag 8200 2N data storage systems in the regional data centers of NIT JSC; installation of a set of HPE Synergy servers at the central office of NIT JSC.
Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP LLP
The management of Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP LLP was faced with the task of increasing productivity and reliability. The solution (storage) and service (storage configuration and implementation) were selected in terms of the best price/performance ratio. As a result, the Nimble HF40C storage system was delivered: this solution is fast and efficient and suitable for mixed loads: the response time does not exceed a millisecond. All company services were transferred to the new system.
Construction of a specialized Data Processing Center premises for uninterrupted operation of the «Electronic Ticketing» system in Almaty. On October 1, 2015, at the site we had built, the «Automated system for fares accounting and payments» in public transport in Almaty was launched.


ALSI SERVICE has been present in the market of Kazakhstan since 1994 The company is a leading network of multidisciplinary authorized service centers providing a wide range of services for the maintenance and repair of electronic devices.
The purpose of ALSI SERVICE:
is to extend the life of electronic devices valuable to our customers, while caring for the environment.
ALSI SERVICE customers:
speed of diagnostics and repair, and high level of service and technical support.
We have a wide, constantly developing regional network covering the regional centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as our own representative offices in the cities of Almaty, Astana, Aktau, Atyrau, Karaganda, and Ust-Kamenogorsk. We have 15 partners in Kazakhstan.
An exclusive project for ALSI customers with the support of ALSI SERVICE is valid for both new and previously purchased devices with a valid warranty.
is the maintenance of warranty devices purchased from ALSI
Project conditions –
apply to devices, not to the buyer. It doesn’t matter if you bought it yourself or if you were given a device as a gift, as long as you have a valid warranty.
The cost of special service –
is FREE.
Service Rules –
these services can be obtained only at the representative offices of ALSI SERVICE.


Diagnostics of any malfunction of all warranty devices, by all manufacturers supplied by ALSI, will be provided FREE OF CHARGE and as soon as possible.
Transportation of the warranty device for repair to a third-party ALSI SERVICE CENTER (ASC) or returnto the same Service Center (SC) where the equipment was handed over will be provided FREE OF CHARGE.
A device will be sent from a region to the Almaty SC FREE OF CHARGE, if more qualified service is required.
Repair of the warranty device on the territory of the customer (legal entity), visit by a specialist within the city where the SC is located is FREE OF CHARGE.
Maintenance, which includes partial disassembly of devices, cleaning (blowing-through using compressed air) of cooling systems (fans and radiators), replacement of processor thermal paste,lubrication of mechanisms, etc. is performed once a year during the warranty period, FREE OF CHARGE.
Coming to the customer’s site (legal entity) to receive the warranty device and return it after repair (specialist’s visit within the city limits where the SC is located), FREE OF CHARGE.
Deployment/restoration of pre-installed software on the warranty device is FREE.


There is always a need to update equipment and this cannot but please us as a supplier of computer equipment. On the other hand, this means that in the homes and offices of consumers, the amount of obsolete and unnecessary equipment continues to grow, and eventually ends up in a landfill.
Under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enterprises are required to dispose of equipment properly. Some act with integrity and try to follow the procedure while others look for work-arounds. We do not want to be the culprits of the garbage apocalypse, and therefore we recycle our old computers in an environmentally friendly way. We know how to do it right and offer our customers a separate disposal service for outdated equipment.
In 2015, we implemented the Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO14001 standard, to increase and confirm our responsibility for environmental protection.

11ALSI ONLINE STORE is one of the first computer equipment online stores in Kazakhstan (operating since 2005), offering a range of computer components, laptops, peripherals and office equipment
Through exclusive partnerships with Dell, HP, Microsoft, Intel and other vendors, ALSI offers more than 3,000 certified products, and the company’s technical expertise allows our customers to receive the highest level of professional service.
An important advantage of our company is having our own service center, which is the largest authorized service in Kazakhstan for the repair of computer equipment from leading world manufacturers. And this means that we provide an assurance of high-quality, and timely and professional maintenance by certified specialists.
In addition, the
website is:
A convenient adaptive platform with a userfriendly interface and prompt processing of incoming orders.
Convenient payment methods (cash or bank card at the office (in Almaty), PayBox or Cloudpayments payment system, or bank transfer).
A huge selection of goods - here you will find everything you need, from a flash drive to a server.
Prompt delivery to any city of Kazakhstan.
Order in a couple of clicks or one call: 8 727 221 10 02, 8 8000 800 200.
Regular discounts, special offers, promotions and sales.


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Subsoil Use Sector Group
Team leader:
Azamat Abzhanov
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Public Sector Department (Astana)
Head of department:
Irina Savintseva
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Large Corporate Sector Department (Atyrau)
Director of Business Development:
Kuat Abdrakhmanov
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Commercial Director
Alexander Kolubanov
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Marketing Department
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Evgeniya Bakirova
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ALSI Online Store
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